Bay Parking Manoeuvre

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The Bay Parking manoeuvre for your practical driving test is laid out below step by step with photo’s of where your reference points are.


Bay parking starting point



First of all you need to pull up alongside the parking bays about a cars width from them as straight and parallel as possible.






Bay parking reference point



You then need to check all around the car including blind spots before reversing to your turning point, which is when you see one of the parking bay white lines half way down your window lining up with the door handle.





 Bay parking 3rd space

This reference point will put you in the third parking bay slot back from the white line you have chosen, so make sure there’s nothing parked in it.





From here you need to check all the way around again before steering all the way to the left.  As your going back you should start to see the car moving back lining up with the white lines.  Wait until the car is straight and parallel to the white lines then straighten the wheel up and reverse back into the spot.

Once you have stopped, make the car safe and open your door and have a look to see if you are within the white line.  If you can’t see the white line, because you’re on it or it’s quite a long way away, you’ll need to pull forward.  As you pull forward you will need to steer left or right depending on where you stopped and then back again to get the car straight and parallel.  You should be able to see the white lines in your wing mirrors before you reverse straight back in to the spot.