Reverse Left Hand Corner

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 Reverse left hand corner video

First of all you will be asked to pull over somewhere safe, legal and convenient, just as you would throughout your driving test.  This time though it will be before a left hand junction.  From here you will be asked to perform the left hand corner reverse manoeuvre on the junction in front of you.

From here, check all the way around the car before you pull away, as you pass the left hand turn look down it for any parked cars that might prevent you from reversing in to the road.  Check your mirrors before you pull over to start the manoeuvre.  If there are any vehicles or people around be sure to indicate but only once you have passed the left hand turn.

Manoeuvre Reverse straight From your starting position notice how the curb disappears just on the end of the windscreen wiper blade.  When your reversing in a straight line the curb should stay in this position.  If the curb moves one way or the other you must be moving away or towards the curb and thus need to steer accordingly to stay straight.  You need to check all around before reversing and reverse straight until you reach the turning point.  This will be when the rear wheel is alongside the first curb stone that bends around the corner. The reference point from inside the car for this is seeing the curb of the road your reversing into three-quarters of the way down the rear passenger window.


Manoeuvre Curb 3 quarter way down side window This is your reference point for turning, seeing the curb three-quarters the way down the rear passenger window.  From here you need to check all the way around the car for any hazards and only continue when it's safe.  You need to steer all the way to the left, the way you want the back end of the car to go.



 Manoeuvre Curb 3 quarter windscreen wiperAs you reverse around the corner the curb that was in the picture above will move out of view behind the corner pillar of the rear window and appear in the rear window working its way along the windscreen wiper.  Keep the car slow and keep looking out the rear window.  When the curb gets three-quarters of the way down the wiper blade as shown to the left, start straightening the wheel quickly but only to the straight position.  From having the steering all the way to the left you should steer one full turn of the wheel to the right and a little more until the wheel looks straight.  


Manoeuvre curb on end windscreen bladeIf you straighten the wheel as the car is slowly moving you should have the curb on the end of the wiper blade by the time you finished straightening the wheel, as in the first picture, thus you must be straight and parallel to the curb.  From here you need to reverse three hazard warning lines finishing reasonably close to the curb. Once your straight you won't need to steer much to get back to the curb, just watch the curb on the end of the wiper blade and steer accordingly to your finishing position.



  1. Keep the car moving as slow as possible throughout the manoeuvre.
  2. Keep a window open so that you can hear vehicles moving around. as soon as you hear something stop and have a look.
  3. Forget all about left and right, it will only confuse you when reversing.  Think about steering towards the curb to get closer to it or steer away from the curb to move away from it.
  4. When reversing around the corner keep looking out the back window until the curb gets three-quarters along the wiper blade.  Stop if you need to before continuing to straighten the wheels.