Parallel Parking Manoeuvre

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Manoeuvre SCALPReverse Parallel Park Video 

 You will start this manoeuvre from being asked to pull over somewhere safe legal and conveniently on the left.  From there you will be asked to perform the reverse parallel park.  Check all around the car before moving off.



Manoeuvre Pulling up just in front


Pull up alongside and just in front of the target vehicle, reasonably close, straight and parallel, make sure you stop with the wheels straight.  Put the car in to reverse as soon as possible and check all around the car before you reverse.


Manoeuvre Reverse back to level 2


Reverse back until the back of the target vehicle is three-quarters down the rear passenger window.  Be sure to check around looking for vehicles moving towards you as your reversing.  If there are any stop and let them pass before continuing.


Manoeuvre Three quarter finish


You now need to manoeuvre in to the space behind the target vehicle by turning the steering wheel three-quarters of a complete revolution towards the target vehicle, left.  Check all the way around the vehicle before you start reversing to do this.


Manoeuvre Corner of target vehicleContinue to reverse until the corner of the target vehicle is just behind the tip of your wing mirror whilst keeping the steering wheel at three-quarters of a revolution.  From here steer all the way to the right away from the target vehicle untill almost straight.  Be aware of any camber to the road as the car may speed up as you approach the Kerb, so get your foot ready over the break to slow yourself down.



Manoeuvre three Quarter startJust before the car gets straight behind the target vehicle you need to get the wheels back to straight. In the time it takes you to straighten the wheels as the car is slowly moving backwards you should have gotten the car completely straight.  You will need to steer the wheels quickly to the right one complete revolution and a third bach to the straight position as shown.



 Manoeuvre Reverse back when straight to see target wheels

Once the wheels are straight continue to reverse until you can see the wheels of the target vehicle on the road.  This will allow you to drive on after the examiner has asked you to more easily.




  1. Keep the car as slow as possible throughout the manoeuvre
  2. Make really good observations at each reference point, if you see a hazard keep the car stopped until you know what the hazard is doing, i.e, waiting for you, overtaking.
  3. Have your window slightly open so that you can hear any approaching vehicles you may miss whilst looking out the back window.
  4. If your having trouble remembering which way to steer at each reference point, look over your left shoulder out the back window and think which way do you want the back end of the car to go.  Forget left and right, think towards or away from the kerb.
  5. Make sure you stop at each reference point, this will help keep the car slow and give you time to think about what your doing and look for hazards.