How and When to book your Theory Test

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All you need to start having lessons is a provisional licence

Provisional Licence Application

As soon as you have your licence give me a call or use the booking form to arrange your 1st lesson.

After that you need to start working towards your theory test, use the DSA website to obtain reading materials or you can get them from the links below.  Wherever you get your revision materials from make sure you use the 2012 edition as the theory test changed on the 23rd January 2012.

Revision materials for your Theory Test

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers DVD-ROM 2012 Edition

Or if you prefer you can get it as a download for a little cheaper

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers Interactive Download

We can also work on this whilst on your driving lessons.  You need to aim to book your Theory test after about 4 lessons. During these 4 lessons you will need to use one of the above links or use a friends book to revise and practice.  There is normally a couple of weeks waiting time to book a Theory Test

Theory Test Application



You can check and change the date of your Theory Test up to 5 days before the actual test date by following the link below

Check/change theory test date

The Hazard perception test is going to be updated by the end of 2013 by way of CGI clips instead of real life camara clips.  Click below for an example of what they propose to use.


 new CGI hazard perception clip for 2013           new 2nd CGI hazard perception clip for 2013


A stopping distance guild

stopping distances